The Road to Rio; day 1 – travel to Cusco, Peru

We finally made it to Cusco after almost 24 hours of traveling!!! All of our flights were as scheduled and for the most part on time. The layover in Panama was a little brutal; but luckily I was able to sleep for the majority of it.

One travel trick I forgot to mention before- we placed our large trekking backpacks in large bags to prevent any damage to our packs. This was a great idea because the covers we used were already scrapped and damaged and many fellow travelers has broken strappes on their packs as they collected them from baggage claim.

    (As you can see our big backpacks are placed in large red sacks. )

Once we arrived to Cusco we got a taxi at the airport to bring us to our hostel. Many taxi drivers were quoting 45 soles for the trip, but we found one for 25 soles. (I read up on taxi fares before we landed to make sure we weren’t getting scammed, it said a fair price is 15-25 soles) We were so exhausted that we didn’t bother haggling the price.

The hostel we are staying at is wonderful, the receptionist greeted us with welcoming arms and a lot of helpful information. We are staying in a private double room on the rooftop, the room has all the ammenities needed for our stay. With breakfast included and free daily activities hosted by the hostel I’m beginning to think we made a great choice.

(The view from our hostel and a picture from one of the common areas)

After resting for an hour or so we went to explore our surroundings and pick up some snacks and drinks to have on hand. Such as pretzels, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, water and juice. This will allow us to spend less by not dining out for 3 meals a days. While doing so we passed many shops selling hand made gifts, I am surprised to see how late everything is open. Even the hair salons and bakery’s are open past 8pm.

The elevation hasn’t affected me yet but John has felt some symptoms such as extra tired and dizzy. We were advised to chew coco leaves – supposively they help your blood carry more oxygen, thus allowing you to acclimatize more easily. I will need to do some more research to learn more though. Luckily, my travel nurse also prescribed us acetazolamide tablets which will help with the altitude as well.

Our journey has just begun but now it is time to rest up for our adventures to come 🙂


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