Destination Danza; what to expect

Welcome! My first blog post.. I know what you’re thinking; great another travel blog, how unique of you Danza. Initially I wasn’t on board for this whole blog thing, but after some convincing from friends and family I realized I might be able to help some fellow travelers. As my boyfriend and travel companion made a point of; I think of the little things that make traveling less stressful and more organized. family-friendly-vacation-10-packing-tips-for-your-next-trip-photo5

A little background on my travel experience;
Before college, I only traveled domestically (besides Canada; but in regards to Vermont — Canada doesn’t count) and with large groups where I made few decisions on destinations and travel plans. Once I began dating my travel expert boyfriend John, I branched out and started booking trips right and left. I really jumped in head first to this whole travel thing and made many mistakes. Luckily for you I am here to steer you away from those not only expensive but time consuming problems. John works remotely for an online flight company where he creates itineraries that fit customers needs both financially and logistically. This has really helped me find affordable flights which often times is the most expensive part of traveling. I will be sharing some of these “flight hacks” with you in future posts.

Since I began travelling internationally in 2014 I have visited;
-Grand Cayman (Largest of the 3 Cayman Islands) 6 times including living there on a work permit for a large portion of 2015 **posts to come about living internationally
-Euro Trip #1 – England/Netherlands for 2 weeks over the holidays to visits friends
-Euro Trip #2 – Croatia/Denmark – a very budget friendly itinerary **lots of tips and tricks from this trip to come.

(Plitvice Lakes, Croatia July 2015)
Upcoming trips
-South America – Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil for the 2016 Olympic Games!!
-2017 New Years Trip to Paris ***Flights only cost $280 round trip***

Now that I can hold a little bit of travel expertise credibility to my audience, stay in touch for packing lists, things to remember, things to forget and how to be safe while still having fun on adventure packed vacations.

See ya soon,




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